• Minimal rental age is 25; we are not flexible on this because we've been burned. 

  • This is a no smoking unit. Smoking is not allowed in or near the unit. If you smoke in the unit, you will be assessed a $550 professional cleaning fee. If you smoke outside the unit, you will be fined by the resort (payment assessed immediately).  Smoking is allowed near the pool, which is just below our unit. I can't be more serious about this: just don't.

  • No loud parties; please respect the resort's rules for noise. Security is very serious about noise violations; you will be fined (payment required immediately) if you disregard this rule. 

  • If you break something, you must report it so we can arrange to fix it immediately. 

  • When you leave, you must remove all garbage from the unit and take it down to the dumpster behind the building. 

  • When you leave, you must put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and set it to run. 

  • Do not leave the front door open for extended periods during the summer. Our unit stays lovely cool, but only with your help. Keep the door shut when not entering/exiting the unit

    • If you report an AC problem that requires a service call, and the serviceman determines that the problem is that you left the door open and the unit is simply taking a long time to cool back down, you will be charged for the serviceman's visit.

    • Our AC is brand new (installed in April, 2018). It should run very efficiently and keep you very comfortable on the hottest days as long as you keep the front door and all windows closed.  

  • Do not remove any linens from our unit for any reason.

  • Do not move furniture around the unit.

  • Do not hang beach towels or swimwear from the railing or the chairs outside. In fact, ~nothing can be left outside the unit. The regime is oddly militant about this and security guards are constantly patrolling and will gleefully fine anyone for infractions. Last year we got a "warning" because someone left seashells outside. I don't get it either (!) so just bring EVERYTHING inside, please (yes, even the beach cart full of sand - sweep it off outside first, though).

  • Do not chop food on the glass-top stove. There's a chopping board provided in the cupboard next to the stove.  Avoid using any sharp items on the glass top stove; it's brand new and beautiful and we would like to keep it that way.

  • Don't use metal utensils on our teflon pots and pans. People have been doing this and it's killing the cookware. 

  • Our unit is a good fit for families, but we are not baby-proofed by any means.  Our cupboards don't have baby-safe locks on them and we store poisonous cleaning supplies under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  We decorate with fragile shells that are easily accessible by little hands. Our coffee and side tables are metal and glass with corners that could easily hurt when bumped by a little head. We have a plaster statue loosely sitting atop a stand that's easily toppled by a small child.  The dining room art is toddler-height and easily damaged.  If you're coming with a toddler, please let us know in advance and we can move some (but not all) of the decor out of reach; otherwise, please note this information so you can be as attentive as needed for the safety of your child. We are not responsible for injuries caused to a child as a result of an inattentive parent.

  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed on resort property after 7pm. DO NOT bring your company vehicle with a visible the logo and plan to keep it overnight. Commercial vehicles on property after 7pm will be towed by the regime.

  • You must provide full payment when you reserve the unit. We prefer a check or Venmo, but will reluctantly accept Visa/ Mastercard/Discover/Amex

  • Cancellation policy (non-negotiable):

    • Outside of 30 days = 100% refund​

    • 15-30 days = 50% refund (unless the unit gets booked for those dates; then 100% refund)

    • 14 days or less = No Refund

Information for our Guests

Our unit offers the following:

  • A queen bed

  • Two twin beds

  • A double pull-out sofa.  Linens for the sofa are found in a dresser drawer.

  • Many extra pillows

  • Bed linens which include sheets and a blanket for each bed. (I also have additional blankets in the closets.)

  • A clothes basket (laundry is down the hall - quarters avail. at main office or takes cards: $2 to wash/dry)

  • An iron & ironing board

  • A hair dryer

  • A kitchen with virtually everything you need including (but not limited t0):

    • Dishes for 8​

    • Drinkware for 8

    • Silverware for 12

    • Assorted basic cookware (stored in the oven drawer)

    • Bath linens 

    • Kitchen linens

    • Kitchen goods like...

      • A Cuisinart coffee pot with a built-in filter (uses coarse ground coffee)​

      • A French press coffee pot and electric kettle

      • A crock pot

      • A blender

      • A toaster (2-slice)

      • A hand mixer

      • Mixing bowls and a colander

      • A drawer full of utensils 

      • Plastic storage containers for leftovers

      • An oversized deeper-sided fry pan in the cupboard next to the oven

      • A cookie sheet/ 9x13 pan / casserole dish 

      • A cutting board and sharp chopping knives (knives next to fridge)

      • Oil, S&P, sugar, and basic cooking spices

    • Beach items:

      • A beach cart​ (FYI: to re-fold, the wheels must be facing the same direction)

      • A boogie board

      • Assorted pool noodles

      • A soft sided cooler and ice packs

      • Frisbees

    • Other toys I have left there and assume they're still there:​

      • 2 Tennis racquets and a sleeve of tennis balls​

      • 2 Badminton racquets and a sleeve of shuttlecocks (birds)

      • Assorted board games ('cause sometimes it rains!)​

The resort will let you have 2 cars; you'll need a gate pass for each. If you have more than one car, you need to provide me with the name of the driver of the second car. I'm sorry but the resort doesn't have the room for more than 2 cars per unit. You'll understand this clearly when you arrive.

When you arrive you'll find that we set you up to start out - you'll get a bar of shower soap and roll of toilet paper in each bathroom, hand soap in each bathroom, a roll of paper towels, liquid dish soap under the sink, and a few dishwasher tablets. If you need more of these basic essentials, please plan to provide these yourself. 

Before you arrive, I'll send you an email with all the information about how to access the unit, the wifi code, etc.   If you have any questions beforehand, please contact me at your earliest convenience!


We are only a mile from Kroger (exit the resort, go left, and turn right at the first stop light exactly one mile down the road).  They have nearly everything you could need. If you prefer Walmart, turn right out of the resort and head down a few miles. You'll see the sign on the left (it's low, though, so keep your eye out for it). 

There's a happy hour with a band every Friday night somewhere (?) in that Shelter Cove area (that's where Kroger is).  I've heard it's worth checking out.

If you want to explore on foot, head down the beach to the left. When you see the volleyball court, turn left and head into the Marriott's beach bar. They often have live music, FANTASTIC fun drinks (!) and a terrific atmosphere.  It's maybe a 10 minute walk? If you go about 10-15 more minutes you'll find the beach bar for the Beach and Tennis resort. It also can be fun, though Coco's (the one by us) and the Marriott reign supreme.

Walk 1/2 hour down the beach to your right for another nice, but quieter, beach bar.


You can drive down to Coligny beach to enjoy it, but good luck finding parking in the summer... (sorry - just being honest). Our beach is seriously just as good, you just don't have the changing rooms and kiddie fountains. 


Bike Rental  - head out of the resort, go left.  At the big traffic circle (Pope Ave) go left onto Pope (3rd traffic circle exit). Keep your eye out - there are 2 places on your left. Or Google it and find someone who delivers bikes to the resort (most offer drop-off/pickup service). LOCK THEM UP. Even on our racks under the buildings, bikes are a hot commodity, unfortunately. 


Some of our favorite food-things (we're foodies, but we haven't explored everything quite yet):

  • The breakfast sandwich at the Island Deli & Grill just outside our door by the pool.

  • The burgers and the grouper sandwich at Harold's (walk there - just turn right out of the resort - about 10 mins walk). FYI: Cash only.

  • The ice cream at Kilwan's which is located in Tanger 2 Outlet Mall in Bluffton. Hands down the best regionally.

  • The seafood chowder at Skull Creek Boat House.

  • The Sea Shack altogether (prepare to wait in line, though, if you don't arrive when they open...)

  • Poseidon altogether (it's in Shelter Cove - again, left 1 mile; turn right at first light)

  • The Jerk and Curry seasonings on pretty much anything at Red Stripes in Bluffton (it's low-key awesomeness - seriously go here!)

  • The Twisted European Bakery in Bluffton.

  • The spaghetti at Bella Italia in Hilton Head (behind McDonald's) (Their Margherita pizza is really good, too - they'll load on the basil if you ask them to).

  • The salad bar at Kroger (there's an eat-in area - sometimes we just want a really good salad and, unlike Whole Foods Market, it doesn't cost $30 for 2,!)

If you find a gem, please note it in our guest book so we can try it out, too!

That info binder in the living room is full of resources. Take a minute to look through it. 

If you need anything during your stay, please contact me (Jodi). I keep my phone on 24/7 when there are people in the unit.  (You'll find my number in a zillion places including the email with your lock passcode sent the night before you arrive). 


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