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About Your Stay

What We Provide

We provide a comfortable stay! You'll find the unit is fully stocked with bed, bathroom, and kitchen linens when you arrive. There are spare blankets and pillows available. In the bathroom we provide a roll of toilet paper and sink/shower soap for you to start with.

Our kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, cookware, bakeware, and small appliances. We provide some basic spices and try to keep cooking oil on hand, too. You will be provided with a roll of paper towels, a couple of dish washer tablets, a fresh garbage bag, and liquid dish soap. 


The coffee station has a Ninja coffee machine, standard coffee pot (zero fun), Keurig, French press pot, and moka pot. There is also a coffee grinder, Teavana Perfect Tea Maker, and electric hot water kettle.


You may use our beach gear. We have 2 nice chairs, a couple of soft-sided coolers (ice in the freezer), and an umbrella.


We keep a hair dryer in the bedroom vanity, there is an iron and ironing board in the unit and a free-standing drying rack for you to dry your beach gear on the patio.

What You Need To Bring or Pick Up

You need to bring your own beach towels and your own sunscreen and first aid kit.  You will want to pick up extra toilet paper and, if you think you'll go through more than two, a few garbage bags.

You don't need coffee filters - I've got that covered. 

Some Things To Note

We are not smoker-friendly. The entire building is smoke-free, and our patio is also smoke-free. If you're a smoker, this probably isn't the place for you.


We only rent to folks 25 and older; we are firm on this policy. 

We are not pet-friendly (it's the management's policy - not ours). No pets allowed. No exceptions.

Both TVs are smart TVs but you'll need your passwords for your Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ (etc.) accounts. The basic cable provided has a zillion channels.

Our wifi is good; we have had no problems at all (password is on the fridge).

What Happens When You Book?

When you book, I'll send you a rental contract and invoice for your stay.  We require payment in full 60 days in advance; when you provide payment, I will provide you with a complimentary gate pass for one car ($25 value) and a packet of information on the villa, how to access it, etc. You will be able to check-in/check-out without any assistance.

How Can I Pay?

We accept checks and PayPal as a preference. We can take a Visa/Mastercard, but you'll have to pay a 3.5% fee for the processing (that's what they charge us).  We also take Venmo. Information on payments will be in the invoice I provide you.

What About Cancellations?

We will provide you with specific information on our cancellation policy in our rental contract. We have a fairly strict non-refundable 30-day cancellation policy if we can't re-rent those dates. In the case of a hurricane (not a tropical storm) in which the region is a direct hit or in the inner cone, we will refund your money. We play it by ear - often it's the case that they say a hurricane is coming, and then it veers off in another direction or weakens in strength and we just get rain (or a tropical storm). If that happens, just plan to pack rain gear - we don't refund for rain. 

If you have a medical emergency and can provide documentation that indicates your clear inability to travel, we will accommodate your request for a refund or rebooking.

What About COVID?

Great question! It has clearly moved from pandemic to endemic. Different parts of the country approach COVID transmission differently. In SC, the paradigm is very "mask-optional." You do you and it's all good.

Know that our housekeeper works very hard to ensure our unit is sanitized and clean (lots of bleach!) as per COVID cleaning recommendations. Truthfully, I would just travel w/my own pillow right now out of an abundance of caution... but you can feel confident that the villa is very clean and, if you're exceedingly cautious about things because you have sincere concerns (mask up / social distance / avoid eating inside / avoid crowded spaces), being here is probably like whatever you're doing at home...only it's by the ocean, which I'm guessing is FAR better.  

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