About Us

In A Nutshell: We Love The Beach

The sand, the waves, the breeze: when I'm on the ocean I feel an inner calm that I feel nowhere else.  It soothes my soul.  I could walk along the shore for hours: this is my refuge; my retreat.

Maybe my love for water came from growing up near the tip of Lake Superior; it was central to our lives.  We couldn't see across it and it was vast like an ocean with a lovely sandy beach. Only, Lake Superior averages 40 degrees year-round.  It's something to appreciate from the shore; not somewhere to dip your toes. 

I'm a toe-dipper.


Lake Superior is great to visit; the ocean is the place for me. 

We love our ocean retreat and we are thrilled to share it with others. Our goal is to help folks have the experience we always do - one where our needs are anticipated and accommodated, and where our biggest worry is, "what should we do for supper tonight?" 

Steve and I are passionate animal lovers and support animal rescue in a variety of ways. And, we love to travel.  Steve grew up in the Chicago suburbs and attended St. Louis University. I grew up in northern Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota (Duluth campus), The University of North Dakota, and Illinois State University. 

We hope you enjoy your stay in our condo and experience the same joy we do in our special beach retreat. We are honored to be a part of your vacation memories.


person relaxing on the beach in a beach chair